Jade Barron – Writer/Editor

Name: Jade Barron

Position: Writer & Editor

Date Joined: November 2016

Jade, the oldest member of the Egwyl team, loves writing her pieces for the site.

On her final year of Broadcasting, Journalism and Media Communications, she hopes to get a job in the media after graduating, whether it be in Media City or Hollywood. She dreams big.

Jade’s work usually includes reviews about film. A keen fan of the big screen, she adores the camera angles and the strong performances from all of her favourite actors.

This year, Jade is hoping to move from her spot behind the camera to being in front of it. Highly skilled with her video work, Jade is looking to try her hand at new areas. If there’s anyone to get the exclusive in an interview, Jade is the girl for the job.

When questioned about her time on the team so far, Jade said, “I love every minute creating content for Egwyl, spending time with the team is what I look forward to week after week.”

Twitter: @jadebarron8