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Review- Mold Riots- Theatr Clwyd

Mold Riots is a quirky and interactive way of telling a story which is integrated in the history of Mold.

Simply brilliant.


By: Alex Whilding- Egwyl president @alexwxm99, Rita Halliday- Egwyl editor. 

Theatr Clwyd presents an immersive experience of the The Mold Riots, a dark period in Welsh history which took place in 1869 and started with issues at Leeswood Green Colliery.

Mold Riots Gethin Alderman (c) Samuel Taylor Photography

Image: Samuel Taylor

The issues stemmed between the English manager of the colliery John Young and the Welsh miners. John Young employed some English miners at the colliery, whom, the Welsh felt he favoured. This coupled with Welsh miners being forbidden to speak Welsh underground, and a drop in their already poor wages resulted in an altercation between some of the miners and John Young.

The setting is on the Streets of Mold in five different locations, starting at Mold Market on the High Street, it boasts a cast of over a hundred including members of the public, schools, choirs, community and guest actors such as:

Gethin Alderman, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Amy Forest and Kai Owen.

It takes you through the story from the initial unrest through to the final and tragic denouncement. The production covers, some comedic moments, singing and a form of dance in the colliery, to a large 3D screen performance, carried along by the cast members.

It is played passionately and with conviction by all the cast both amateur and professional. The children are a delight. Both Welsh and English languages are used throughout the play.

You will be outdoors so wrap up warm and wear sturdy shoes as you will be walking for approx. 1 km. from beginning to end. The production is suitable for 10 years and above. Some of the production is hard to see because of it’s interactive nature, but we enjoyed it.

Mold Riots Lauren Fitzpatrick (c) Samuel Taylor Photography.jpg

Image: Samuel Taylor

A truly unforgettable not just show but all round experience.


Mold Riots is avaliable to watch until Saturday the 26th June. Click here for tickets.


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