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Rock the Park Creators bring a ‘revolution to your night out’

By Matthew Winson, Egwyl Contributor

Wrexham quakes with anticipation for the opening of its newest bar – The Hideout Wrexham.

It was rumoured  on the Calon FM radio show, The Unsignedhour, that a new bar was coming to Wrexham’s Town Hill.

The Hideout

screen shot 2019-01-05 at 14.14.59

The brain child of Go North Wales’ Young Tourism Person of the Year and co-creator of the Rock the Park festival, Mr Sam Foulkes, 25, of Estless Park in Wrexham, and family are bringing a “revolution revolution to Wrexham’s night out” to the town centre.

Replacing the old Rewind/Atomic bar on Town Hill, it will see a complete redesign and reinvigoration to the lower end side of the row and should be ready to open over the festive period.

Upstairs will be transformed into a prosecco, gin and cocktail lounge. Downstairs will also see a whole new redesigned bar and stage area bringing in the party atmosphere, and hopefully the crowds of Wrexham.

The Hideout will also be the location for Wrexham’s Biggest Battle of the Bands. Each week a band/musician will perform at the Hideout and, with each performance, the chance to perform at Rock the Park 2019. The winning act/s will be chosen by Mr. Faulkes and members of the bar team, and will all depend on the proficiency of the band/act, the style of music they play, how well they play it and if they can hold a crowd, as well as have them enjoy the music all night.

Mr. Faulkes has decided that he will be having a plethora of musicians and musical styles performing at The Hideout, including cover acts, tribute acts and many local unsigned artists.

There is, however, a small minority of people in Wrexham who see this as a step in the wrong direction. With Rewind/Atomic being the last sanctuary in the Town Centre that would have Heavy Rock/Punk Bands perform

Paul Jones, 19, from Local Punk Band Asbestos, said: “This is yet another up-scale, gin selling bar, ripping the heart out of the community and killing the heavy rock element in Wrexham.”

“We realise that the bar was aa heavy metal punk bar originally and we do hope to incorporate this into our different genres evenings,” added Mr. Foulkes.

To keep up with the latest developments regarding The Hideout, click here.


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