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Derby Day: Glyndwr Triumph over Chester

The big football derby between Glyndwr and Chester Uni kicked off this afternoon. Our team were on hand as the action unfolded.

By Connor Hughes, Egwyl Contributor


L.Mansell (C), M.Askew (VC), T.Porter-Hargreaves, S.Heuston, R.Harding, J.Wheat, T.Wagner, K.Russell, J.Monk, D.Ciccarelli, J.Trautmann, F.Geier, E.Renaud, M.Zindth, A.Hebert

Glyndwr’s first goal of this high scoring game came from an excellently placed header from Hebert with just 10 minutes played, putting Wrexham into an early lead and a great mindset for the rest of the game. Minutes later, the home side failed to put away an easy goal as the ball over ran on the wet surface, keeping the score at a 1 – nil lead to Wrexham. This did not stay the case for long as Chester managed to break the defensive line of Glyndwr to score their first goal, levelling the score. Three minutes later, Chester were again pushing Wrexham’s defensive efforts and were lucky enough to get a deflected shot on goal pinching the lead. This did not go unchallenged, as very quickly after kick off, Wrexham were knocking on Chester’s door trying to get themselves back into the game. Harding was to relieve the team of this close cutting game by scoring the next goal, after fighting hard in a chaotic goal area.


A tight first half for the rival teams (photo: Kara Beth Davies)

The wingers from Wrexham were working hard up and down the field making spaces for the guy in the middle, trying to create opportunities. Hebert being the first to take advantage of this space with his second goal of the game so far. After being fed an amazing cross from the Captain Liam Mansell, for Hebert to control and turn to finish it with his left foot retaking the lead with 3 goals to 2. With only 25 minutes played, both teams well and truly working hard.

The last 20 minutes of the first half was an uphill battle for both side. Chester responding strongly to the lead Wrexham had now just established by quickly scoring their third goal. This was to be the last goal until about five minutes before the end of the first half, with Wrexham taking lots of shots on goal as they were controlling the tempo of the play. Zindth was to then score his first goal, re-establishing their dominance at 4-3.

The game was not yet over for Chester as they again struck back with their fourth goal of the half, pulling the game back into a draw. With minutes left of the half, Hebert scored again to complete his first half hat trick. Ending the half at 5-4 to Wrexham.


Glyndwr edge Chester in the first half (photo: Kara Beth Davies)

The second half was completely controlled by Glyndwr keeping Chester scoreless for the remainder of the game, however Wrexham were not finished and wanted to extend their lead. Just before the 55th minute, Russell was to increase the lead for the home side adding a comfortable cushion between the two. The teams continued to fight it out with Chester getting dirty resulting in a yellow card just outside the box and a free kick being awarded, it was saved by an outstretched keeper. Wagner was to open up his goal scoring account for this game with an incredible back heel finish after getting one on one with the goal keeper, this goal took the score to 7-4 in Wrexham’s favour.

Just over 10 minutes to go until the final whistle and Glyndwr piling on the pressure to try and score again. Causing problems in Chester goal area, Wrexham managed to snatch another fantastic goal which was struck from the edge of the box by Wagner. By this point, Wrexham had securely cemented their victory over their biggest rivals of the season and with less than minute to go it looked all done and dusted by the home side. In the dying seconds of the game, Zindth got his second goal after having to work it past the keeper on a one on one, which was completed successfully.

An incredible game by Wrexham Glyndwr with an impressive 9-4 victory over Chester, with Captain Liam Mansell being awarded with man of the match due to his immense work rate and 4 assists for the game.

Man of the Match, Liam Mansell (photo: Kara Beth Davies)

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