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Jam Night at Saith Seren

By Matthew Winson, Egwyl Contributor

It’s a Wednesday night at the local community run pub, Saith Seren, and a flock of the best local musicians, solo singers and karaoke heroes are about to descended to show their talents. Bringing with them they’re trusted instrument; be it guitar, piano, bass or vocal chords, they are all ready and rearing to get up on stage and perform.

Our fearless leader, Brian Williams, of Wrexham’s infamous Rockmisfits , swamp the stage with instruments, amplifiers and all manner of musicians equipment. His right hand man, Peter McNeil, heads swiftly to the stage with his trusty bass guitar, while Elin McDonald, Drummer for Wrexham based band Thunderbug, sets up her plethora of equipment. All of them feeling the ever growing eyes of the crowd preparing themselves for another fabulous jam night at Saith Seren.


Photo by Gordon Elixby

One by one, musicians of every creed and kind flock over to Mr Williams as they grasp for a slot in the proceedings. A kind croeso, a few laughs (even more drinks) and the entertainment begins.

The lights go off, the party lights are turned on and that can only mean one thing: Jam Night!

The deafening screech of the guitar and thump of the bass and drums signify that the night has finally started, as the jam band heads freely into a superabundance of rock hits and Brian Williams edgy vocals harmonise with the backing of Pete McNeil’s. They are here for one thing and one thing only, to rock the night away and show everyone the energy they are looking for.

Silence hits the bar as the next willing participant strides on up to the stage to display their talent; and another, and another. The night is in full swing with everyone watching on, singing along, having a boogie, as each act gets better and better, filling the home of Welsh pride in Wrexham with what the Welsh are best known for, singing!

Rosie Winson, from The GOGS, said: “It’s a great place for newer and rockier musicians to come and perform.”

As the night continues, a mix of music styles and genres are taken to the stage, making this one of the best nights in town.

Before you know it, it is getting late and the original trio of Brian Williams, Pete McNeil and Elin McDonald retake the stage and deliver another bashing of hits to close out the night.

Drums fall quiet, the thump of the bass becomes a distant patter and the screech of the guitar fades into the wind.

Every Wednesday, Saith Seren holds their Jam Night and are always looking for musicians, singers and karaoke goers. Could you be next?

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