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Graduate Stories: Sabina Rana

Continuing with our Graduate Stories series, Sabina Rana shares her journey and provides some meaningful advice.

By Sabina Rana, Egwyl Contributor

Since graduating, I have experienced the biggest, emotionally draining, rollercoaster of my life so far.

My first job saw me be employed as a content writer by a bunch of scammers; the second promised exciting future prospects and trips to various Google hangouts across the country (alas, trips were had, but employer dishonesty meant the job was short-lived).

After this sting, I felt as though the only viable option would be to start my services on a freelance basis. Big mistake. I was stuck in dead-end, trumped-up marketing jobs for almost three years. From verbal abuse to sexual harassment, this was a real low point.

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Life after graduating

Being self-employed meant I wasn’t a plausible candidate for a full-time job with most businesses – I must have attended over 50 interviews over three years and the feedback was always the same, “You’re a great candidate, but someone with more experience was given the role.” Give me a break.

My freelance services evolved from Marketing into Project Management for a digital marketing agency, where I would oversee website builds and provide content for their clients. After seven months of working with this digital marketing agency, they threw me a bone and pulled me out of my self-employed funk.

Three difficult years of rejection later and I finally achieved my dream. My client offered me full-time employment as a Marketing Manager; I started just a few weeks ago. I’ve settled right into the role and for the first time, I can honestly say I love my job…and it pays well.

No matter how much it seems like life can throw many curve balls, remember you’re always in control. Stick with it, be stubborn and one day you’ll get what you deserve. I never gave up and I’m finally where I want to be.

Advice: Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and your classmates if you all feel that something is wrong within your programme of study. Use the correct channels (Student Voice Committee, module feedback pages etc.) to nip problems in the bud if you feel you have a problem.

The Challenges: Glyndŵr prepared me to an extent. I’ve definitely transferred many skills into the working world (social skills, time management, presenting to audiences, writing press releases, and most significantly in marketing: be a purple cow), but nothing truly prepared me for how challenging it could be.


If you’re a Glyndwr graduate and would like to tell your story, head over to our Contact Us page and send us a message to be featured!

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