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Graduate Stories: Molly Hookings

Molly Hookings, former Broadcasting, Journalism and Media Communications student at Glyndŵr, provides some inspiring pieces of advice and tells us how Egwyl got her a job!

By Molly Hookings, Egwyl Contributor

I graduated Glyndŵr University with a first-class bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting, Journalism and Media Communications two years ago. In the last couple of years, I have been rejected from several interviews, snatched up by growing businesses and I even turned down opportunities that I knew weren’t right for me: this is all part and parcel of leaving university.


Life after graduating

I could have gone straight to London after university and delved straight into job-searching there, but I had spent three years away from home and knew I wanted to go back. I may have gone to university to boost my career prospects, but I was unprepared to throw myself into a city in which I have never wanted to live after being away from my family for so long already; I needed to go home for a while and I would suggest to anyone else who feels like that after graduating to do the same: it may or may not have hindered my job-search, but at least I was happy.

My second piece of advice would be to keep ploughing on: you may face plenty of people shutting doors in your face because they don’t welcome your “young age” or “lack of experience,” but out of those fifty job applications, they’ll be one employer who welcomes your fresh ideas in his/her business.

I spent the following summer and autumn after graduating listening to rejections before a local business owner took a chance on me. He hired me to be his marketing executive and I spent 18 months in that business growing my experience and learning new skills.

My new boss asked why I hadn’t already got a job: “you graduated months ago!” – I wanted to scoff in his face. Most job applications ask for a minimum of three years’ experience, but how am I supposed to get that experience if no one will give me a job to build the experience I need to get a job? I spent half a year growling this phrase to my mother (who, I suspect, got quickly tired of hearing it).

But like I said: JUST PLOUGH ON. It happened for me – it can happen for you.

Finally, I’ll finish on one last piece of advice: say yes to everything. Scoop up as much experience as you can and enjoy doing it. Write for your student magazine, volunteer for the community radio station, put your name down for that university trip and, at the end of the day, you will have met new people, learnt new things and seen new places. It may even help you out in the future: I co-founded and my new boss looked through it before deciding to hire me (shout out to Egwyl that gets read by small business owners as far away as the East Midlands!).

Good luck to all future graduates and I hope you land the job you have been working towards.


If you’re a Glyndwr graduate and would like to tell your story, head over to our Contact Us page and send us a message to be featured!

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