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Graduate Stories: Chelsie Spencer

Today’s Graduate Story features Chelsie Spencer, former Broadcasting, Journalism and Media Communications student. Chelsie takes us though her life with another Glyndwr graduate, Adam, and how they’ve managed to take the leap of faith by starting their own business.

By Chelsie Spencer, Egwyl Contributor

Adam and I both met at Wrexham Glyndŵr University back in 2012 on my first night of Freshers’ — It was Adam’s third Freshers’ Week as he was going into his final year studying the same course I was just embarking on, Broadcasting, Journalism & Media Communications.

Throughout our university journey together, we both supported each other creatively with projects, ideas and with proof reading before submitting assignments. After graduating with a 2:1, Adam started a full-time internship at a PR agency in Nottingham for six months, while I continued my studies.


Chelsie and Adam at Adam’s graduation

After the internship, Adam dedicated time, and a lot of effort, into trying to get a full-time, paid position within PR to no avail and ended up working full-time in a bike shop where he had been employed part-time during his studies.

When I reached my final year, Adam began working at car dealership photographing cars and uploading stock to their website, he quickly showcased his varied and advanced skillset for technology, PR & Marketing and created himself a position within the company as a Media Executive, dealing with everything from print advertising to Google analytics.

I was lucky enough to obtain a full-time, paid internship at Glyndŵr University in the Digital Communications department before Graduating in October 2015. My role was varied and could involve anything from filming graduate stories to drafting and uploading content to the university website based around student and graduate stories.

Adam’s career was going from strength to strength as he demonstrated his unwavering enthusiasm and natural business prowess helping the dealership to meet sales via social media, advertising and event planning.

After my 12-month internship ended, I was approached on Linked In by a Director of a PR agency, The Source – based just outside of Chester in the village Adam and I had just moved to. I had all of my examples of work displayed on my Linked In page with links to clippings and luckily had a few great endorsements on there. I pretty much got offered the position of PR Account Executive there and then. After meeting up with the Director for a brief interview, I accepted the full-time position.

During this time, Adam had been promoted to Marketing Manager and continued to impress the big wigs at Toyota UK.

Being in that position for a further 18 months, he decided that he had got everything he could from the position and accepted a job at Net World Sports as the Social Media Manager. At the same time, I got promoted to Senior Account Executive at The Source, which helped while we saved up for our wedding in April 2018.


A moment captured from Chelsie and Adam’s wedding

Once the wedding was over and reality hit home that we had to go back to work, we both quickly realised that we weren’t as happy as we could be. Adam comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and had always wanted to follow in his forefather’s footsteps by setting up on his own and I was becoming fidgety within my current position, so we decided to up stakes and move from our expensive little village in Cheshire and move to our happy place – the seaside where we would start our own business.

Adam has always been passionate about podcasts, having listened to them since his early teen years, and he quickly had me hooked on them too. We recognised a gap in the market and decided that we would screen print merchandise for podcasts and content creators who don’t have the capitol to invest in the stock themselves.

Since officially opening BadFish Merch in July 2018, it’s been busier than we could have imagined, but we’ve also hit bigger hurdles than we could have dreamt up! The chaos has started to settle now and we have just signed up some big podcasts, so our luck is looking up!


Chelsie wearing her very own merchandise


The continued support from Glyndŵr University lectures and alumni has been incredible and we haven’t felt alone since we started our courses all those years ago. While Glyndŵr might not have a world renown reputation at the moment, we firmly believe it’s up to all of us to work together and speak with pride about where we learnt our craft. Our success in the years following Glyndŵr have been, in part, down to the passion and wisdom we continue to feel from the community. The BadFish doors are always open to our fellow graduates where we will also do our best to show the support we’ve been lucky enough to receive ourselves.

To follow us on our adventure going forward follow BadFish Merch on social and listen out for our very own podcast launching this year.


If you’re a Glyndwr graduate and would like to tell your story, head over to our Contact Us page and send us a message to be featured!

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