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Review: Sticks and Stones – Theatr Clwyd

The Roundabout Theatre is back at Theatr Clwyd for two whole months and it’s only fitting that some of our team paid a visit.

By Kara Beth Davies, Egwyl Editor | @Kara_Davies


“Being nice isn’t the same as being good.”

Sitting on top of the hill in the glorious sunshine is the Roundabout Theatre. I have to say, for my first time ever (I know), it was absolutely brilliant. From first appearances, the Roundabout Theatre doesn’t appear at all that big, but once entering through the doors, I’m transported into a theatre-like Narnia.

Sticks and Stones, a Theatr Clwyd and Paines Plough production, is one of the three commissioned pieces showing at the Roundabout Theatre. Sitting comfortably in my seat, the production begins. In all honestly, I did not know what to expect, or how things would work, very enigmatic.

Written by the BAFTA nominated Vinay Patel, the production tackles a subject very much apparent in today’s society. It’s able to use comedy to highlight how certain words and phrases can cause offence.

I am seriously impressed how the cast of three, Charlotte O’Leary, Katherine Pearce and Jack Wilkinson, are able to drive the narrative, which features a healthy amount of humour and naughtiness. I was tearing up at times. All three actors deliver a convincingly comical performance.


Charlotte O’Leary, Katherine Pearce and Jack Wilkinson

Charlotte O’Leary delivers such a fantastic performance, taking on the role of different characters, she injects such a wonderful energy into what she does. Her facial expressions are to die for.

I love how Katherine Pearce fits her role, she puts her heart and soul into the character. The playfulness between herself and Jack Wilkinson is excellent.

Possibly one of my favourite elements of Sticks and Stones is the dance interludes. I love how the dancing and movement is used to represent a change of scene, I found that very clever. Jennifer Jackson and Simon Carroll-Jones have managed to pull off moments genius with the movement. That, tied together with the lighting and sound timed to perfection, creates the magic of this production.

The Roundabout Theatre is able to give you the full 360 degree theatre experience. The actors make use of such a small space and turn it into theatrical circus.

I have to say, from my first time in the Roundabout Theatre, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Sticks and Stones is one not to be missed. Expect the unexpected, playful swearing and criminal choreography.

Sticks and Stones is running until June 29, tickets and more information can be found here.


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