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Review: The Great Gatsby- Theatr Clwyd

Get your flapper dresses at the ready, it’s Charleston time, The Great Gatsby is in town! This new version of F Scott Fitzgerald’s timeless classic, adapted and directed by Alexander Wright, has taken over The Dolphin Hotel in Mold town centre. 

By Kara Beth Davies, Egwyl Editor | @Kara_Davies


“I am the only honest person I have ever met.”

I have never been to a 1920s party…until now! Theatr Clwyd has transformed The Dolphin Hotel into a 20s utopia.

Heledd Rees has done an exceptional job in both set and costume designs. The costumes are as Gatsby as you could imagine. Jay Gatsby’s (Oliver Towse) pastel pink suit being a firm favourite. They dazzle and gleam under the lights and you just can’t seem to take your eyes off them.

Gatsby_Press_Credit_SamTaylor (6)

Jay Gatsby (Oliver Towse) stuns all in his pastel pink suit. Photo by Sam Taylor

It’s hard to believe that the once derelict pub, closed for many years, has been given a 1920s makeover to give it its speakeasy atmosphere. The 20s are back! They have made use of the space and left no stone unturned, they’ve covered everything, even the minor details.

The venue isn’t the warmest, which is why dancing is encouraged. As I’m standing in the sidelines, in awe of the energetic choreography, Daisy (Amie Burns Walker) asks me to dance. How could I say no? You don’t need to ask me twice to get up and dance, especially if it’s the Charleston. Holly Beasley-Garrigan has managed to choreograph a fast-paced masterpiece.

Gatsby_Press_Credit_SamTaylor (1)

Have a dance with Nick (Michael Lambourne) and Jordan (Zoe Hakin). Photo by Sam Taylor

From beginning to end, you’re at the heart of the action. The actors and community cast all immerse you into the narrative. If you’re not fetching a whiskey for Tom Buchanan (Jake Ferretti), whose intensity is on the money, you’re playing spin the liquor bottle with Myrtle (Bethan Rose Young) or dancing the night away with Jordan (Zoe Hakin), she has the stamina of an athlete!

Bethan Rose Young’s portrayal of Myrtle is second to none. Young captures the essence of the character and nails the harsh New York accent. Her turbulent relationship with George (Matthew Churcher) is transfixing to watch.

Driving the story forward is Nick Caraway (Michael Lambourne). We start in the bar with Nick and that’s where we end. A clear, linear pattern. Lambourne’s charm and likeability is why he’s so popular and his flirtatious antics with Hakin provides some much needed laughter.

Gatsby_Press_Credit_SamTaylor (3)

Chemistry sparks between Jordan (Zoe Hakin) and Nick (Michael Lambourne). Photo by Sam Taylor

The Great Gatsby encompasses a spectrum of emotion; moments of joy can quickly turn into moments of heartbreak and despair. The cast of seven, accompanied by a community cast, are able to transport you back in time and put on a sparkly, stunning and sensational performance.

The Great Gatsby runs until March 25, more information and tickets can be found here.







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