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Creative Futures Day 2

Wrexham has been hit with a very cold start to the week with icy weather and snowy skies what seems over night. this hasn’t stopped the amazing guest speakers attending our creative futures and the students of Glyndwr. 

Written by Jade Barron 


‘Glyn Dillon, Artist and Designer in conversation with Dan Berry’. An interview and conversation with WGU lecturer Dan Berry students were introduced to Glyn Dillon, a comic book artist to storyboarded and concept designer for television projects including a little old story called, Star Wars. Yes, thats right, Star Wars!

‘what is TV- How the RTS can help’, with Hywel Wiliam guiding us through what is TV and is it a thing of the future in terms of media with ever changing technology. What scheme’s the RTS are available to students wanting to work in TV. An interview with Hywel William, that the Egwyl team had the privilege of meeting will be available on our Egwyl youtube account for anyone wanting to get a little more information on the RTS and Hywel’s career.

‘Uniques Visions: Turning your Strangeness into a career’ All the way from Arizona, USA, students were given the privilege of a Skype meeting with Fine artist Brooke Shaden, a former filmmaker who found passion in fine art photography. Showing her techniques and giving her own accounts of what she went through, Brooke gave the students of Glyndwr some inspirational thoughts on finding the person you are and not what you’re supposed to be, to find your passion in what you’re doing. Great words from Brooke.

Unfortunately, a few guests speakers were sadly missed by Glyndwr due to the bad weather coming in. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet them at the next Creative Futures.






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