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Creative Futures: Day 1


Creative Futures 2018 have kicked off today with a great speech from head of the school of Creative Arts with a reflection of the creative industries.

Written by Jade Barron 

” Owning and loving your Creative Future”

Not only did we get some inspiring messages from Alec, we also had the privilege to get some insight to older past graduates on their views to their experiences. It was lovely to meet Alec and get his views on the creative industries that will go onto inspire many students here at Glyndwr.

Becoming creative wrexham’ with guest speaker Jo Marsh was a great for the artistic students of Glyndwr with more information on the new Ty Pawb, the new arts and cultural space in the old people’s market in Wrexham. It was amazing to see the designs and blue prints of the project, including the public participation that had taken place over the last 12 months. Very much looking forward to the work Ty Pawb will bring in the next few months.

Other guest speakers such as Alex Jones ‘10 Points for Creativity, 20 Points For Effort,No Point in Giving Up‘    was a great interactive speaker who had many personal inspirational messages for working for the BBC schemes after graduation,  for those many students who have no clue where to go next.

Kate Jackson, a speaker for the ‘ Newspaper Journalism’ talk was very informative in her line of work, working with the sun newspaper. she had many tips on how to get a foot in the creative industry door which was very handy in all years of the creative arts degree. the Egwyl team were very privileged to be invited to interview Kate, which can be seen at the Egwyl youtube account.

Looking forward to seeing what this week will bring.




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