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Review: Of Mice And Men – Theatr Clwyd

Set in the trying times of the Great Depression, Of Mice And Men is an extremely powerful story of friendship, spirit and keeping hold of your dreams.

By Emma Tattum | @EmmaT1995


“Go on George, tell the story!”

By Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck is the story of George and Lennie, two ranch workers who dream of having “a little house with a couple of acres, a cow and some pigs.”

Directed by: Guy Unsworth

George Milton and Lennie Small portrayed by Richard Keightley and Matthew Wynn stunned the audience with their compelling and inspiring performances. They took on iconic roles and more than proved themselves to be the perfect choices.


Photography by: Scott Rylander

Whilst Keightley’s engaging performance as the faithful friend, George, and Wynn’s delivery of an emotionally captivating performance as “simple giant”, Lennie is moving and uplifting, it’s the relationship between the duo that drives the show and proves how in the hard world of poverty, desolation and anguish, can come a truly remarkable friendship.

The entire cast is a real credit to the production, especially Kamran Darabi Ford who played Curley, the brutal Ranch owner’s son whose wife, portrayed by Rosemary Boyle, later becomes the centre of one of the shows biggest and most shocking scenes.

The character of Candy, played by Andrew Boyer, gleams with empathy and admiration for all those around him, especially his scruffy dog, who in parts, becomes the star of the show.

unnamed (2).jpg

Photography by Scott Rylander

Robert Ash (The Boss), Cameron Robertson (Slim), Darren Bancroft (Carlson), Harry Egan (Whit) and Kevin Mathurin (Crooks) all play an extensive part in the telling of the story and each individual is perfectly cast.

The creative team has done an incredible job in putting this show together. The set is focused on the inside of a barn, with every inch of space playing an important part in the seamless set changes. From day to night and from scene to scene, the lighting set the tone of the show.

unnamed (1).jpg

Photography by Scott Rylander

Still painfully relevant to modern times, this moving story will have you crying, laughing and full of emotion from start to finish.

Powerful, Intense and packed with emotion, this truly is a must see.

The show runs until Saturday 24 February at Theatr Clwyd and tickets can be booked here.



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