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Review: The Snow Queen – Theatr Clwyd

The Snow Queen is here to grace the Theatr Clwyd building. Perfect for families and under 11s, we thought it would be the icing on the cake to send some of our team to the theatre on the top of the hill to check it out.

By Kara Beth Davies | @Kara_Davies


From the award- winning team behind The Nutcracker, this year sees them return with The Snow Queen by Joe Bunce, based on the book by Hans Christian Anderson.

It all starts with a mirror, not just any mirror, a mysterious mirror. As cracks begin to appear and the mirror shatters, we step through, almost Narnia-like, to find the quaint Little Clwyd.


Photo by Brian Roberts

The Emlyn Williams Theatre is completely transformed into a beautiful, traditional town filled with market stalls. Enjoy a drink of Mulled Ribena (it’s actually quite delicious) or Ginger Beer from the drinks stand or even have your future read by a fortune teller. Adding to the festive atmosphere is the band, they play their music from the moment you arrive, a true representation of what markets should be like. It’s hard to believe the Emlyn Williams Theatre was once home to the cast and crew of Uncle Vanya. Maeve Black, Designer, and Jack Poole, Design Associate, have done a fantastic job in creating this alternative world throughout the building.

If Little Clwyd’s market stalls weren’t festive enough, snow begins to fall (I’m still removing the last of it from my hair)!

This story follows two friends, Gerda (Robyn Sinclair) and Kai (Holly Davies). Their friendship is adorable and reminds me of one I had when I was nine, very nostalgic for myself and a few of the parents, and one for the younger children to relate to. As all seems well, but the pair become separated, it’s our job to try and reunite them. This is where the quest begins.


Photo by Brian Roberts

You’re given a coloured lanyard, this determines who you follow and which path you take. We follow Ripley Pockets (Matilda Reith), “All for one and one in the eye,” she shouts! A likeable, cheeky character, her interaction with the audience is brilliant, you warm to her very quickly. Reith is becoming a familiar face around the grounds of Theatr Clwyd, having assistant directed Little Voice, she’s back to star and assistant direct this wonderful cast and community cast ensemble.

The quest takes you around places you may have never seen before in the theatre, one of the many reasons of why I love it and how clever it is. Interaction is at the heart of the production and it’s great to see the young children work alongside the cast to help solve many problems.

The Snow Queen (Josh Sneesby) herself is absolutely fabulous, dressed in silver and equipped with a keytar. Very 80s and very stunning, I adore the allusion to one of the most iconic decades.


Photo by Brian Roberts

This co-production with Paperfinch Theatre is a festive success and to be enjoyed by everyone. The cast are incredible and friendly and the creative team have produced something stunning.

This is a perfect Christmas treat for the family. For tickets and more information, click here. The Snow Queen runs until January 6, 2018.

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