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Why The Big Bang Theory should be cancelled

By Kyle Sutherland, Egwyl Editor

In my honest and oh so humble opinion, the smash hit CBS comedy series, The Big Bang Theory, has had a massive impact on pop culture and society.

This is a series which truly exemplifies the term “geek-chic”, everything which used to get you laughed at, or ostracised, or beaten up in the past; whether you were a trekkie or a comic nerd or a Star Wars fan, pick your poison, it’s all cool now.

And that right there is the reason this show needs to go off the air after it’s long (some may say too long) and illustrious run, the point’s gone and the show no longer makes any comedic sense.

That’s the nice way of putting it, but the fact is that The Big Bang Theory hasn’t really made sense for quite some time and frankly should have been cancelled years ago.

Note how above I used the term “geek-chic”, that’s a term coined in the early years of the millennium for the strange phenomenon wherein something which was previously thought to be the sole domain of the geek becomes mainstream and cool.

Kind of like Star Wars, Star Trek, comic book movies, sci-fi movies, animation, fantasy and just about every God damned thing The Big Bang Theory wants us to believe only nerds like.


Seriously this show makes no bloody sense!

The entire original premise of this programme was that you had a bunch of guys in their late twenties who were into comic books, sci-fi and God damn it I’m not listing them all again just scroll up if you can’t remember.

So it’s a bunch of geeks who have low social skills and are perpetually enamoured by the mysterious pretty lady across the hall, because nerds.

You see it’s just that same pretty lady, Penny who I have a major problem with.

You may think it’s not such an issue that Penny has no knowledge of Trek at the start of the series, after all it would be a few years till J.J. Abrams breathed new life into the franchise. But as time goes on and Penny is consistently unaware of any comic book, fantasy or sci-fi character, it becomes less about how much of a nerd her apparent lover Leonard is and more about what odd form of cultural retardation she has.

This is a series that premiered after X-men, after the launch of the Sam Ramie Spidermans, was on during the Abrams Star Treks; these fellows aren’t geeks, Penny’s just completely unaware of anything happening around her in popular culture.

Seriously, think about it for me, when was the last year you can remember when one of the top grossing films wasn’t a sci-fi, a comic book movie or a Pixar/Disney animation? Side note if anyone says the fast and the furious franchise you’re right but we’re talking about good films, go hang out with the Transformers fans in the corner.

The fact is that the term “geek” doesn’t really exist anymore, at least not in any meaningful sense, practically everything that once defined “geeks” or “nerds” has been appropriated by the mainstream, hell I could go down to Primark right now and buy myself some nice thick glasses. They won’t work like the nice thick ones I have on right now to write this but f**k you being a geek is trendy!

The very simple point I’m trying to make here is that the whole joke of The Big Bang Theory is dead, does anyone really think it’s weird or funny that a grown man wants to go see the new Star Wars movie? Hell I just saw the cinema packed for the first screenings of Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 (it’s awesome you should see it).

The show has simply lost most of its driving force behind the original humour, now when I watch it I mostly look at my family members expressions for the cues when we’re meant to laugh, thank god for laugh tracks. It’s just awkward, post Charlie Sheen, Ashton Kutcher Two and a Half men awkward and it needs to be put out to repeat pasture.

Note how I mentioned post Charlie Sheen Two and a Half Men, I think that should be a genuine TV critic phrase, right along with jumping the shark and nuking the fridge. Not to go into too much detail here, after all this is a piece on TBBT, but the analogy is really quite simple. See it made sense that Charlie Harper would allow his hateful, spite bitch of a brother to live with him, but Walden? A man who barely knows Adam from… well Adam, I think not; it made no sense and was a major detracting factor from that shows quality.

So why bring it up? Simple TBBT has done pretty much the same thing, it makes no sense at all that the major characters would still be hanging out in the way they do. Why would Howard and Bernadette allow Stuart to live with them? Why do Leonard and Penny continue to let Sheldon dictate so much of their lives despite being married? Why does anyone like Raj?!

The Big Bang Theory I remember started out quite brilliantly, although it was a long time ago so maybe I was stupider or more cheerful back then I dunno. But simply it is not funny anymore, even less funny every few seasons when I hear the extortionate rates the main cast are being paid, seriously Galecki, Cuoco, Parsons and whoever the hell you other people are, for a million an episode I frankly expect more. I know it’s sad to cancel a once fine show, but so’s losing a pet and Timmy still plugged Old Yeller behind the barn so obviously it is manageable.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Let us know in the comments below, Egwyl out!

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