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A Simple, Essential Guide to Surviving University Life 

By Jade Barron, Egwyl Editor | @JadeBarron8

For all new students, starting university can be a bit daunting. Looking forward to moving out and partying like there’s no tomorrow with all the roommates and new friends you’re going to meet.Those choosing to leave the house of mum and dad and braving the world of university dorms, things can be that much more scary at times. Maybe you’re still living with mum and dad. Seriously there’s no shame in that, hello, home cooked meals, is there even anything better than home cooked meals? Having your own space over having rowdy roommates is so much more appealing I find from experience.

Maybe you’re looking forward to starting societies. Joining clubs and just generally looking for fun things that you’ll find during Freshers’ Week and at fair in the Sports Hall (Thursday 28).

That’s without finding your classes, meeting your lecturers, being introduced to classmates as well as induction classes all underway the first few weeks will feel very overwhelming. All first years and foundation years before you have been there and we have worn the t-shirts. Just hang in there!

We here at Egwyl have got your back. We’re here to make sure you’re all happy and having a good time. So, out the goodness of our hearts we decided to make a small guide of essentials needed to survive university life.

Pot Noodle

Everyone who claims to be a student will definitely find a use for this. Cooking noodles in the shared kitchen because you just can’t be bothered to do anything else with the raging hangover you’ve got from the night before activities. Why the not?!  It’s very unlikely you’ll be roomed with a gourmet chef in your flat that, after hours of studying and class assignments, they’ll suddenly decide to make a healthy three course meal made from scratch. Many students just stock up on such things as Pot Noodles, chicken and mushroom tend to be a favourite. Although, if you are roomed with a chef, dinner’s at yours!


Your flatmates will end up using the last of your milk either by mistake or just to annoy you. Label your stuff. You may annoy your flatmates, but you will still have your food in your cupboards. This is also a good way to write down reminders for assignments deadlines or reminders to stock up on energy drinks for those late night revision sessions, or if you just like leaving random notes for your flatmates.

Red Bull

This is normally used as an energy drink, something you’ll come to use during those late night assignments you completely forgot about until the night before it’s due date. Yes, we’ve all been there!


Come on guys, you’re in uni now, of course you’re going to have a few beers with friends. Just be safe, have fun, obviously, but remember, you don’t to have to drink a bus load of alcohol to have fun.

 Takeaway Menus

These will be a God send if you really can’t be bothered to cook or even attempt to turn the oven on. Sometimes a greasy pizza after a good night out is the perfect end to a night. Seriously, after fresher’s, your kitchen draws will be full of them.


You will find many coffee machines around campus and yes, they are very popular with students at 9am lectures.This will be very useful if you pull an all nighter when you just can’t stomach another energy drink. Just to get you through till you can crash back to bed and hibernate to feel more human. The University now serves Costa Coffee!


This will come in handy the morning after when you can barely open your eyes without wincing and moaning,“why did I do those last shots?!” Reading the instructions to the packet, take the prescribed medication and wait for the headache to subside. If not, I find sunglasses hide help block out the non-existent sun and helps you feel that bit normal when you feel like you’ve been dragged through a bush. If you are allergies, please do find alternative methods of pain killers.


You will have a bucket load of pens from freshers. You won’t run out of them for a while, trust me. Keep one in your bag at all times, you will definitely need one to class.

When the nerves of starting the unknown goes, you’ll find yourself being excited to meet people most like yourself, starting their journey just like you and just going through the motions of university life.

Don’t worry about being stressed, all lecturers have been where you are. They’re there to help.

I promise they won’t bite if you need to ask for help or advice. Even if you’re not comfortable doing that, I can guarantee most of us second years and even the third years will always try to help you out!

If there’s one piece of advice I can give to you is this;

Have fun!

It goes so quick, so just enjoy it. It can be stressful at times, but try and try your best. You’ll get there in the end.

 Well, there you have it. A small guide to surviving student life. If you can think of anymore, why not get in touch?

 Have fun and stay safe!

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