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An interview with The Strypes

By Emma Tattum, Egwyl Editor

I had the pleasure of interviewing The Strypes! I haven’t watched them live since they played Wrexham’s central station 2 years ago, so I’m very excited for their new album coming very soon!

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I recently had the opportunity to interview the band and help introduce them to a new audience! So, have a read and go check them out!

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Describe The Strypes in 3 words

Oh, eh, us.

If you could collaborate with anyone, from the past or present who would it be?

The Marx Brothers, Graham Coxon or Paul Cleary

How has your music changed over the years, and was it intentional?

There’s definitely been a change in our music since the inception of the band, which is only natural, you start listening to new music and other bands and that inevitably affects your creative output. Our music has always been rooted in or at least had a toe in rhythm and blues/rock n roll. Can’t lose sight of what you started out with!

How do you feel about the fan attention you get?

Well it takes a bit of getting used to, not that we have people climbing in our windows or anything, we’re never really exposed to that extreme fanatical attention that everyone assumes goes hand in hand with being in a band (hey that rhymes!), no, for the most part everyone is very calm and collected, as they should be, after all, we’re only musicians! But we’re always very grateful if someone takes the time to come up and say they enjoy the band’s music, its a very brave thing to do, I couldn’t go up to a musician I liked and tell them as much! 

Weirdest gift you have ever received from a fan?

This one girl made voodoo dolls of each of us and gave them to us at a gig a few years ago which was quite strange. They didn’t work though, I tried shoving a pin in Ross’ leg and he barely moved an inch so I guess they were just dolls. Not voodoo at all. We get given a lot of brightly coloured socks and chocolate biscuits (the biscuits aren’t brightly coloured, they’re normal) over in Japan after mentioning our fondness for both on a TV show over there. At least we’ll always have biscuits for our feet and socks to eat!

Where’s been your favourite place to tour/perform?

We’ve never played somewhere that we vowed never to return to so everywhere is good! America was a real blast though, we’ve been 4 or 5 times at this stage and one tour we did went across the entire country. Driving across America was very exciting, the gigs were fantastic too.

Do you have any rituals before you go on stage?

No, we used to listen to Mars Bars by The Undertones about 5 minutes before we went on stage but that was as close as we ever got to a ritual.

Any favourite pre-show meals or snacks? 

McVities Chocolate Digestives.

Advice to any others starting up their own band or wanting to be in the industry?

It sounds cliche but work hard. That’s all you can really say, get connections, knock on doors and if you don’t ask you don’t get!

For starting a band, I’d say, clearly outline the type of band you want to be, image, musical style, from the get go so everyone knows what they’re getting into, and have fun. Being in a band with your friends is a tremendously exciting thing to do and if you can wangle a job out of it, you’re laughing!

Are you working on any new music at the moment?

Yes, we have an album coming out on the 16th of June called Spitting Image, by all accounts (ours) it’s stupendous.

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