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Review: Junkyard – Theatr Clwyd

By Kara Beth Davies, Egwyl Editor

Any fans of Rent out there? Because you’re going to love this! Junkyard, by Jack Thorne, is currently residing at Theatr Clwyd and it’s absolutely mesmerising!

Junkyard has such a basic narrative, but has so many depths to it. It follows Fiz (Erin Doherty) and her misfit friends as they find unity by building a playground from, well, junk. They’ve been pushed out from society, battle adversity and create something that is more than just a playground of junk, it’s theirs, something that they can call their own.


Photography: Manuel Harlan

There is such a diverse mix of characters, from Ginger (Josef Davies) to ‘dirty’ Debbie (Scarlett Brookes), but the one trait that ties them together is their love for what they did, build a playground from things no one wanted, which, in a way, reflects these characters. The playground brings out the best in these troubled teens.


Photography: Manuel Harlan

It wouldn’t be a musical without the odd song outbreak. The musical performances featured, accompanied by the three piece band, are very catchy. Expect these to be stuck in your head once you leave! Don’t just expect singing, there is some dancing too. However, Malcolm’s (Kevin McMonagle) dancing is something to be desired, very fitting with the tone!

Finally, the set design, because you know how much I love a good set! As soon as you enter the Anthony Hopkins Theatre, you’re presented with a silhouette of the set. Once the lights are turned low and the light of the torch beams though the cracks, it looks beautiful.


Photography: Manuel Harlan

I’d definitely recommend going to see Junkyard while you can! I’d have to say it’s one of the best I’ve seen this year! Expect fruity language, emotion, but, most of all, fun! If there’s one thing that you can take away from this production, “need never changes.”

Junkyard is running until April 15 at Theatr Clwyd. Ticket details and more information can be found here.

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