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Creative Futures: Preparing for the working world and building your confidence, with Vidar Hjardeng MBE


By Kyle Sutherland egwyl editor.


For anyone aspiring to a future career in journalism, confidence in yourself and your abilities is key. As creative futures reaches its’ third day students were treated today to a highly informative and inspirational, interactive session with Vidar Hjardeng, MBE, veteran journalist and current diversity consultant for ITV.

Vidar has had a near 30 year career in the industry and as diversity consultant helps to ensure that everything is as inclusive as possible.

On students leaving university Vidar says how “suddenly you’ll be thinking what do I do now? But that is nothing new” and “it would be odd if you weren’t a bit daunted”.

Of course often it always seems that everyone else around you is utterly confident and secure in their futures but you must always remember that these very same people are in fact often not nearly as confident as they appear.

For the future Vidar stresses 4 points to identify, what would I like to do, how realistic is it, how can I do it and identifying what you are good at and what you need to improve on.

The important thing is to focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot and remember that showing confidence in yourself leads to others having confidence in you. Remember to be tenacious In seeking work experience, placements and ultimately employment, getting your foot on the first rung of the ladder is often the hardest part of any career in this sector but when you achieve it things become easier as you progress in your career; but make sure when you do get a foot in the door you don’t lose the motivation and ambition which brought you there, don’t get complacent.

The personal satisfaction which comes from doing something you enjoy for a living is immeasurable, in short “if you have a focus, if you have a dream, an aspiration then go for it you may not get another chance”.

Check out the egwyl teams interview with Vidar Hjardeng MBE below:

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