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Creative Futures: Heather Wilson- What to do at University and Life after Graduation.

By Amy Jones, Egwyl Editor.

This week has been Creative Futures – you may have noticed.

So far, there have been loads of super interesting people to listen to, and lots of new information flying around.

One of today’s super interesting people was illustrator, Heather Wilson. She gave a really helpful talk on what to do at university and life after graduation; so just in case you missed it, I have rounded up some of the top tips covered in the talk.

Extra Stuff is Good!

Things like volunteering and organising events will look great on your CV, but they will also stand you in good stead for after you graduate. You’ll gain real world skills that are gonna come in handy, and there’s a good chance you’ll make some pretty good connections with people that can help you in your career. Win!

Getting Stuff Done.

When it comes to getting stuff done under your own steam it can be pretty hard – That new Netflix series you’ve been dying to watch, comfy pyjamas, take out pizza and the sofa – we’ve all been there! But worry not, Heather has it covered.

  • Make a playlist that runs the length of time you want to work for.  It will help you keep track of your time and give you something to listen to while you work – whether it’s music, podcasts, whale song – whatever floats your boat. Make sure you pause while you’re making lunch or any other time you’re not working though – no cheating!
  • Keep a schedule and ‘to do’ lists.  Easier said than done, but practice makes perfect. This way you’ll be super organised and get all your stuff done like a pro ninja. Level up! +5 organisational points!
  • Set achievable goals.  Don’t burn the candle at both ends by giving yourself way too much to do, but at the same time challenge yourself a little so that you’re as motivated as you can be and feel like you’re achieving.
  • Create a workspace.  Ideally not your bedroom. It’s important to have somewhere you can work and somewhere you can rest, and having two separate spaces helps your brain distinguish between when you should be doing one or the other.

Dark Times.

Graduating from uni is a scary thing. Sometimes things get tough, but that’s ok. Sometimes you don’t feel so good, and that’s ok too. Be honest when you are struggling, this way you can get the support you need. It’s ok to cry, and when you’re done you can make a battle plan so you can kick graduate life’s butt! +10 stamina points!

Extra Stuff.

  • Try to balance your media consumption with your media creation.  Just watched two hours of Judge Rinder? It’s time to do two hours of work. However, it works both ways. Just done six hours of work? It’s time crack out the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. You heard right.
  • Keep on top of your ‘always’ work.  Your always work is the work you always have to do as opposed to something like a side project. If you can keep the stuff you have to do in check, it will help you feel cool, calm and in control, thus hopefully making it easier to get your other stuff done. Master the ‘always’ work and you master the side project.

One Last Thing.

Remember, it’s ok if your dreams change along the way. What you want when you start uni might be different from what you want when you finish uni. Things change, as long as you’re following what you want to do it’s all good. Age doesn’t matter either. It’s never too late to do what you love.

Now go and be an absolute boss, and put these great tips into action!

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