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Creative futures: Morning lecture with artist Doug Fishbone

By Kyle Sutherland egwyl editor

No students like getting up earlier than they have to for a lecture, but todays lecture for American artist Doug Fishbone was truly one of the most entertaining lectures of Creative Futures so far, whilst also managing to be highly informative and inspirational.

Doug showed himself to be highly knowledgeable and accomplished whilst also performing what has to be called a true service to students, he didn’t muck us about as to the difficulty of pursuing a career like his.

I’ve always known that pursuing a career as an artist is hard, but until I heard Doug speak in this lecture I had no real understanding of just how hard it truly was; and now that I do it really gives me a large measure of respect for my fellow students who have chosen that path.

Because Doug’s lecture reflected a harsh reality, harsh but one which we must recognise, whether you aspire to be an artist, a writer or anything really in the creative industries, talent alone is not enough.

More crucial is the drive and determination, the perseverance and strength of will to soldier on past rejection in the dogged pursuit of your goals; a valuable lesson for any walk of life.

What many students seem to have found most enjoyable about Doug is the fact that whilst being an artist of obvious knowledge and creativity, exampled by the almost mixture of art and sociology found in his work replacing a painting worth a fortune with a Chinese replica to see if anyone would notice. Whilst also managing to project an image of being down to Earth, comfortable with himself and with no pretensions, indeed dismissing the arrogance of so called gatekeepers in the artistic world with the derisive comment “piss on ‘em”. As well as giving the world a joyful new saying (when describing a person using complex language to appear smarter) “you can out a top-hat on an idiot but it’s still just an idiot in a top-hat”, seriously that should be a phrase used in academia.

Admittedly Doug did not manage to finish his entire lecture and ran 20 minutes over, but personally this was a lecture I gladly would have sat for another hour for.

Check out the egwyl teams interview with Doug below:

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