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Creative Futures, Working the web


By Kyle Sutherland, egwyl editor.

In the modern world the internet is king, we use it for everything from research, shopping, settling drunken arguments via Googling and increasingly as a tool for selling our professional abilities to potential clients and employers.

For this reason alone, Working the web, a lecture held by Shaun Roberts (nicknamed the web wizard in a news article) was a must attend for many students as part of Glyndwr University’s Creative Futures week.

The lecture attracted a varied collection of creative arts students, although mostly photography and journalism students all eager to benefit from Shauns’ more than a decade of experience and to learn to achieve the “3-12 seconds” window for a website to engage the audience.

The audience were directed along the effective ways in which to construct a website in order to promote their work and services, something of great importance to journalists and photographers who often work free-lance.

This lesson into what makes a positive and engaging web-site stressed firmly the need of research into the client, with Shaun saying “any project that has no research has no idea what the client wants” and that web designers were constantly engaged in “a balancing act between what the client thinks they want and telling them what they need”.

As a prospective journalist I found this session very informative in terms of freelance work promotion in the future, but am quite confused as to why I didn’t see more students interested in website design in attendance, perhaps the name of the session could have been a bit clearer as to the content.

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