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Creative Futures, end of day one.

By Kyle Sutherland, egwyl editor

Today was the first day of the Glyndwr University Creative Futures week, the time of year where industry experts and professionals pop in to share their wisdom and advise us students as to the best ways to crack into the creative industries sector.

So, how did the first day of this mass gathering of industry insiders go? Well let’s do what everyone does when the need answers this day, check Twitter.

All throughout the day students have been and shall continue to for the rest of the week, tweeting about the event under #creativefutures17 and what we can see is some really positive reactions to the first day.

The opening key note discussion regarding collaborations in working life were highly illuminating, Gareth Jones, founder and CEO of ICE space makers and Glyndwr (back when we were NEWI) alumni, Theatre Clwyd artistic director Tamara Harvey, creative director Andy Cheetham of Cheetham Bell, Jo Marsh from Oriel Wrexham and Alfredo Cramerotti of Mostyn held a fantastic and informative panel. My personal quote to take away from the day coming from Andy who urged us all to “keep reading, keep looking at stuff, keep an open mind, inspiration can come from anywhere”.

Other students expressed delight in the “fabulous talk from an inspirational person” Oddness in the nature from Junko Mori regarding her metal work practice, others the “very interesting lecture with Cath Steward” news organizer at the on campus BBC studios, whilst one guy just seemed to be really chuffed he got a free pen, who doesn’t love free stuff?

All in all the first day proved to be a big success with the students from what the Twitter gods are telling us and we here at look forward eagerly to following the rest of Creative Futures week at Glyndwr.

For a timetable of all the events at creative futures go to or follow the action on Twitter #creativefutures17.



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