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Review: Skylight- Theatr Clwyd

By Kara Beth Davies, Egwyl Editor

Skylight, David Hare’s award winning play is currently at Theatr Clwyd and is directed by the theatre’s very own Artistic Director, Tamara Harvey.

The amount of humour, passion and emotion in this play has been used in such fantastic ways. One minute you’re laughing, the next minute you are on the edge of your seat with the drama and the passion, then you’re struck with the emotion of this complicated narrative of love.

Jenny Spark, who plays Kyra, conveys perfect amounts of light and shade throughout the play. She can be incredibly funny and witty and is able to make the transition to portray a more serious side to her character. Her ability to chop an onion (mid-performance) without even shedding a tear is very impressive! As a character, Kyra is a very independent, but that is until one person re-enters her life.


Photo: Mark Carline

Tom, played by Jay Villiers, adds to the intensity of a complicated romance. Tom and Kyra have some beautiful scenes together delving into the past, juxtaposed with frustrations of their feelings towards one another. However, he has some hilarious one liners which are guaranteed to get the audience laughing.

Rounding off the cast of three is Oscar Batterham as the young and naive Edward. I commend him for his attire of double denim, an obvious fashion crime of today, but representative of the time period.


Photo: Mark Carline

It almost feels like you’re looking through a window into the lives of these people. You can just sit there and watch the drama unfold. At one point I actually forgot that I was in a theatre. I love the set design for this piece, the minor details that were thought of to create this set is something that I appreciate greatly.


Photo: Mark Carline

The story makes you want more. I would definitely recommend going to see this. It’s reasonably priced and there are some student priced tickets too. Skylight runs until March 4.  Click here for tickets and more information.

To whet your appetite, you can watch our interview with Oscar Batterham below.

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