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Review: Jack Whitehall ‘At Large’ Tour

Jack Whitehall is back on tour and heading to an Arena near you! This is his biggest tour to date and I headed to Liverpool’s Echo Arena to see the show for myself!

By Emma Tattum, Egwyl Editor



The show kicked off with an opening set by Lloyd Griffith. This was the first time I’d seen this comedian and I wasn’t disappointed, neither was the rest of the crowd! We did have trouble seeing him at one point when the arena lights turned off on him, but as any true professional, he carried on. I will for sure be looking into more of Lloyd’s shows in the future. ( )

Straight after Lloyd’s set came the epic intro video featuring the main man himself and his showbiz friends such as a live link from ‘A League of their Own’ host, James Corden form LA, Freddie Flintoff, the cast of Bad Education and perhaps the star of the show and Jack’s intro guest, a horse. Yes, you heard right, Whitehall entered the arena on the back of a horse! And it even left him a nice surprise on the stage floor, I’ll leave you to think that one through yourself!


The Intro guest

The crowd were erupting in laughter from start to finish with Whitehall’s life stories from being caught on the ‘weedy puff’ by the Google street view camera in Amsterdam and terrible passport images (we all have them!) to wedding disasters, there was plenty of relatable material for the 10,000 strong Liverpool crowd.

Whitehall’s school rivalry with Twilight star, Robert Pattinson, raised its head once again when talking about his attempts to break America. In this segment, we also heard of Jack’s love-hate relationship with the worldwide hit movie ‘Frozen’ in which his role as a Troll was reduced to a non-speaking role…in an animation.


Jack as the Troll in the epic finale!

The Frozen themed finale wasn’t exactly what I’d expected to see when watching a comedian, but it was brilliant! Wearing an inflatable green costume, what resembled a Sherk mask and whilst the annoying, but ever so catchy, ‘Let it Go’ played across the arena, Jack finally got to say his line: “I troll-fully bid you farewell!”

Let’s be honest, we all need a laugh right now and Jack Whitehall’s ‘At Large’ is the place to get it! So, for 2 hours, forget about your worries, grab your mates and go and watch the show for yourself! The tour runs until the end of February and rides into Manchester (quite literally!) on the 17th and 18th. Click here for tickets



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