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Life Behind the Lens: YouTubers

By Emma Tattum, Egwyl Editor

With million of views and subscribers, mainstream YouTubers such as Dan and Phil, Zoella, PointlessBlog and Tanya Burr have an army of fans behind them, but why are YouTubers so popular?

To people outside of a YouTuber’s demographic, it seems confusing that you would want to watch people recording their everyday lives, after all, we all have those embarrassing and cringe-worthy home videos lying around that we would NEVER want anyone to see.

When looking through video comments and social media it doesn’t take long to see just why these social media stars have such a strong following. They’re relatable and very ordinary, not a big Hollywood personality, just an everyday person just like you and I.

A study by Variety magazine last year, suggested that young people’s attachment to YouTube stars is “as much as seven times greater than that toward a traditional celebrity”

I got in contact with some YouTuber superfans on Twitter to hear their opinions on the wonderful world of YouTube:

@lauxx_n – “I love YouTubers because they help so many individuals without even realising, the content might help the viewer, cheer the person up, make them feel better and a lot more. YouTubers create very entertaining content which is available to nearly everyone who has access to internet which is amazing. The majority of YouTubers are very nice to their fans and do interact quite a bit, that’s another reason to love them.”

@madisonb0103 – I like you tubers because it gives people a way to be themselves and express their personal ties through videos they make and get viewers and paid for it. They also can interact with their viewers via things like social media, meet and greets ect ect. They make interesting and funny content about whatever they want. I love them and the fact that the fame doesn’t get to their heads, that they are the most down to earth people, that they genuinely are thankful and grateful towards their fans. Also the fact that they love to interact, meet, spend time with and get to know their viewers, they are very sweet

@nalasugg – I love YouTubers because you get the chance to see beauty videos and other types of videos done by a normal average person whom becomes popular by filming videos which they love doing!

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