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Why Ross is the Worst Friends Friend?


By Kyle Sutherland, Egwyl Editor

Friends, the sitcom which ran for an amazing 10 seasons from 1994, is a defining cultural aspect of the 90’s, so much so that when I typed the word into Wikipedia it actually came up with the show before the concept of friendship itself.

It featured a group of 6 besties living and loving in New York City, all of whom were presumably meant to be people we could either identify with or who we wanted to know or be.

The only problem with that is that the majority of them are awful people!

Joey lies to women all the time so that he can sleep with them then disappear, Monica is controlling to the point of insanity, Chandler is emotionally damaged, Rachel ruins Ross’s wedding and Phoebe is just flat out insane; but the worst of them all is Ross, he’s just a horrible person and I can tell you why here.

Why do I have such a problem with Ross? Well it all comes down to his relationship with Rachel, the will they won’t they angle between the two was probably the main storyline throughout the 10 seasons of the show but we all seem to just overlook how much of an ass Ross is for most of it.

Ok, so Ross and Rachel get together for the first time mid-way through season 2, you know after Ross promptly ditches his current girlfriend Julie not long after finding out Rachel likes him, that’s pretty harsh but I suppose understandable, my major problem with this guy comes in season 3 after Rachel gets a job in fashion thanks to the kindness of strangers in the form of a man named Mark.

Ross doesn’t like this, becoming obsessed with the idea that Mark is only interested in Rachel for sex, now why would that be? My theory is it goes back to the fact that that’s all Ross sees in her.

Think about it, Ross first develops a crush on Rachel when he’s in college, they have nothing in common back then at all, so is it really a romantic attachment or is it really just down to lust?

Rachel finally has a job with the potential for a real career doing something which she loves, yet her boyfriend has no support for her whatsoever, his only concern being that he doesn’t get to spend as much time with her, so much so that he turns up unannounced at her office, whilst she’s busy working and attempts in effect to force her to be romantic with him.

Rachel is objectified by Ross over a period of years, she’s an unattainable target for him to pursue and when he gets her that’s the only way he sees her, that she’s his.

Not to mention the fact that if he’s so in love with her why does he immediately jump into bed with another woman the very night she suggests they take a break from one another, then go to extreme lengths the next day to deceive her about it?

I also take issue with the fact that Ross again deceives Rachel after they accidentally get married whilst drunk in Vegas.

Ross promises that he will have the marriage annulled and even tells Rachel he has, before immediately admitting to Phoebe that it’s a lie and he didn’t really get the annulment at all.

That’s a horrible and really selfish thing to do and the only reason he does it is that he doesn’t want to end up divorced for the 3rd time, it’s all about what he wants yet again and not about the woman he supposedly loves.

The fact that these two ended up together in the end of the series is ridiculous to me, in real life Ross’s actions would have had him ostracized not just from Rachel but from the rest of the group as well, but they act like it’s all so funny, he’s not funny! The man’s a douchebag!

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