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Best Films to get You in the Christmas Mood

By Jade Barron

With only a week to go before Christmas it seems it’s still not feeling that Christmassy about this year. I mean we’ve had a pretty shit year so far, you can’t really blame us for being a bit of a scrooge.

Yes all the presents are half way wrapped and we’re still stressing about making that special day perfect.

Not only that but we are students with lots and lots of coursework we should be getting on with, on top of all the holiday madness. Yes it’s perfectly justified if you’re being a scrooge.

We all need something to wind down or at least stop us from pulling our own hair out from the amount of people pushing and shoving us out of the way so they can get the best Christmas gift when all you want to do is get home and lock yourself away from all the madness.

Thank god for the recent Christmas movies we have going on right now. At least we can pretend that we’re not freaking out a little inside about the present you’ve realised you completely forgot to buy.

So put down the Santa theme wrapping paper, put down the complicated bows and gift tags and checkout my ultimate Christmas movie list that completes my Christmas holiday.

1.       Miracle on 34th street

2.       Muppets Christmas carol

3.       Elf

4.       The Santa clause

5.       Jack frost

6.       The snowman

7.       The snowman and the snow dog

8.       Home alone

9.       Home alone 2

10.   Scrooged

So crack open some munch and make some hot chocolate and marshmallows (alcohol is optional but at this point so close to Christmas you really won’t be judged for one or two shots in your drink)

Enjoy the calm before the storm that is Christmas

Good luck and Merry Christmas.

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