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Top 5 Bad Christmas Presents

Christmas special by Jade Barron, egwyl editor


I think we always dread that moment when you’ve been leaving hints for that special someone and then Christmas morning you have the present in your hands, excitement over takes you and you find yourself ripping the wrapping paper open, hoping it’s  the FIFA game you’ve been moaning about for months or that new perfume you’ve been admiring from afar and we don’t get it, far from it.

We all love the joy on peoples faces when you hand them a present wrapped neatly knowing you’ve spent the time and effort to pick out and present their present with love from your loved one’s.

What I hate is the dread of getting presents that you absolutely hate. Presents that you wouldn’t even buy yourself on a bad day let alone buy for a loved one.

Here is a selection of my 5 top BAD Christmas presents.

Novelty socks.

Yeah they may look cute and festive and you may put them on for Christmas day sat eating dinner, toasting to a good new year, but why would you want a pair of red Santa socks? it’s not like it’s going to be wearable on any of the 364 days of the year. I mean it’s weird catching someone wearing mixed matched any day as it. Can Santa socks really be worn on any other day than Christmas day?

Novelty handbags

We all have them stored away in our wardrobes somewhere festering away collecting dust because you feel bad about getting rid. It would probably be great for a child because, lets face it, when we were kids we wore ridiculous outfits (we have the pictures to prove it unfortunately) but why in the world would you buy a grown ass adult a novelty handbag that you know will never in this side of life will be used or even taken out of the packaging?

Cheap cocktails set

I know it may seem a bit weird, a student complaining about alcohol. I mean it’s what we’re supposed to be living on but I hate when you get a really cheap cocktail set you know is bought as an after thought when someone in the middle of paying for their shopping. Where is the thought in ‘oh that’ll do’ whilst grabbing the nearest bottle to you. I mean what if you don’t even drink?

Tacky ornaments

Typical tacky ornaments that are obviously purchased from the local pound shop like a ‘jingle bell’ singing bird with a Santa hat on it’s head that just doesn’t shut up. Who ever decided this needed to be made to bring to everyone needs a good talking to. Or a good shake.

Novelty jumpers

Nice for Christmas day like socks but really?! Are you really going to go to class in January with a huge reindeer wearing glasses saying merry Christmas 2016? Yeah good luck with that one.



Bad or good we always are grateful of gifts at Christmas time. Not everyone is so lucky. We have to be grateful that we are thought of and loved enough to receive presents.

Not only that we have to forget about the receiving of gifts but we have to remember the giving of love and wishes to those we love.

So the next time you open a gift that you think is pretty crap, smile and remember you was thought of in someone’s life.

Besides, there’s always gift cards!!



Merry Christmas Glyndwr.

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