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Christmas Countdown Day 1: Top 5 Christmas Music Videos

Christmas is hurtling towards us like a Christmas jumper-wearing turkey flying down Mount Everest on a bauble-laden sledge bedecked with fairy lights; so let’s all just take refuge for a moment and reflect on these top five Christmas music videos.

5) At number five is East 17 with ‘Stay Another Day’. Who could forget those white fur-rimmed coats in all their hideous glory, and that excessively creepy line, ‘I touch your face while you are sleeping’? No thanks. But most importantly, let’s not forget that time when the Doritos mariachi band did a cover of the video. Sheer brilliance.

4) Sweeping in at number four is Mariah Carey. You know the one. That red ski suit has become just as much a part of Christmas as eating too many mince pies. ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ has to have one of the most iconic Christmas music videos – and besides, it’s great fun to ruin on the karaoke machine after one sherry too many.

3) Number three is The Darkness with ‘Christmas time (don’t let the bells end)’ if only for Justin Hawkins’ impressive trouser game throughout the entire video. I like to think that the band genuinely spend Christmas together in that log cabin come barn type deal.

2) The number two spot is taken by Jona Lewie with ‘Stop the Cavalry’. Not one of the more festive videos but just as good. It reminds us of a very important part of our history as well as being a great song.

1) So, the number one, best ever Christmas music video is…‘Last Christmas’ by Wham! It has everything you need for the perfect festive video: A log cabin, snow, skiing, a group of friends and George Michael’s fabulous hair. What more could you possibly want?

That concludes our brief foray into the land of Christmas music videos. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoyed re-watching these festive classics. Now to get back to wrestling that tree into the living room and attempting to untangle those Christmas lights.

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