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Review: Absolutely Fabulous

With Christmas just around the corner, Egwyl’s Kara Beth Davies reviews one of the latest DVD releases, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. Cheers, Sweetie.

“How do I look?”


Yes, darlings, possibly one of the most iconic drunken duos of the 90s are back. Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone hit the big screens this summer with Absolutely Fabulous The Movie.

We thought it was no more, but then we were blessed with some special episodes a few years ago and now we have a film. Oh, how we have missed them. So, sit back, relax and say ‘THURSDAY!’

Sounds like a very typical Ab Fab plot to me!

It’s funny, it’s fierce and (most importantly) it’s fabulous! The story follows the pair as they attempt to flee the country after “killing Kate Moss!” Will they be charged with Kate’s Murder or will they live happily ever after in the South of France? Sounds like a very typical Ab Fab plot to me!

The film has more guest stars than you can shake a stick at, including cameos from Stella McCartney, Emma Bunton and Lulu. Also, Rylan Clark-Neal, Dame Edna and Rebel Wilson were amongst some of the new guest stars to feature.

As well as some fan favourite guest stars from the long running British sitcom, there were also plenty of the famous one liners too. The story may be new, but the dialogue is unmistakably reminiscent of the television show. Ab Fab fans will be able to spot it from a mile off, it’s cleverly incorporated into the film and I applaud Jennifer Saunders for including so much of the spirit of the original series.

A loving moment between a mother and her daughter is something most of us can relate to.

Although the film provides nearly an hour and a half of laugh out loud moments, there are small parts that are very deep, and that’s not only  because Eddy and Patsy end up marooned in a swimming pool! There is a tender moment shared between mother and daughter, Eddy and Saffy. Their relationship had never been that strong, but to finally have a real moment between the two characters made this film for me. It was only a short scene, but it was better than nothing. It almost felt like closure. A loving moment between a mother and her daughter is something most of us can relate to.

If this is the last time we see Eddy and Patsy causing trouble and breaking the law with their outrageous outfits and fashion sense, I think it was more than the best way to end it- with style! I didn’t know what to expect before I watched this film, but I feel like I have fallen in love with Absolutely Fabulous all over again.

The film is now available to buy on DVD and it’s just in time for the festive period,  an ab fab Christmas gift that would be absolutely ridiculous not to buy!

Crack open your finest bottle of Champagne and enjoy one of the funniest films of 2016. Cheers, Sweetie!

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