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Egwyl’s Night Out with Dr.Funk

Reviewed by Egwyl’s Jade Barron.

Dr Funk’s Funkadelic Christmas party!!!

Its officially Christmas now, and what better way to start the celebrations than a good night out for us students at Glyndwr University?

The answer is a night on the town getting drunk and making memories with your fellow class mates, getting cheap deals to drink the night away.

On the 2nd of December, we had the pleasure to attend the very popular bar ‘Set the bar’ to see our first gig of the festive season, with the very popular ‘Dr Funk’s Funkadelic’s Christmas party.

What a night!

Who doesn’t love a night filled with funky 70’s music to dance the night away?


Pre-Show: Photo by Emma Tattum

From the moment we arrived drinks at the ready the atmosphere was brilliant, even watching the band set up was awesome.

Good god those guys can play the guitar and drums and Christ can they sing!

They even had their own saxophone player too!

Talk about talent!

Every song that was played had everyone there dancing and singing along enjoying themselves and the funky atmosphere the band created.

In other words, we freakin’ loved it! We have the pictures to prove it!!

Even the band was loving it too. All the guys were grooving with the tunes and just seemed to having a laugh even with the vocalist at one point lying on the table in front of the stage belting out a tune to his cheering fans.

It’s not the typical night out for everyone, as I was a bit skeptical about 70’s era music, but Dr funk really made the night So fun and unusual and such a laugh, with the popular songs from artists such as the Bee Gees to wild cherry and many, many more.

Dr Funk’s Funkadelic was a night out to remember for many of us, with most of us still humming their tunes even now. So, rock out with us next time and as wild cherry would say:

‘Play that funky music white boy’

And come along the next time Dr funk is back in town.


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