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Coca Cola Truck comes to Wrexham


Coca Cola team in wrexham, photo by Danielle Barron

Egwyl’s Jade Barron reviews the Coca-Cola truck, bringing magic back to Wrexham this Christmas.

When you hear the un-mistakable sound of the Coca-Cola advert come on to our screens after a long draining year of nothing but work and life worries, you know it’s that special time of the year.


Every time Coca-Cola shows us that magical advert we are transported back to our childhood where everything is still magical and right in the world where we don’t have to think about grownup things, we can be filled with Christmas cheer for just a few minutes.

For its sixth year in a row the Coca -Cola Christmas is back, not only that but it has started touring all over England Scotland and Wales. It has even stopped in our very own town.

Yes, that’s right, our very own Wrexham.

“It’s such a lovely Christmas experience, I love watching the advert on television. It’s the ultimate childhood fantasy meeting it in person.” Elizabeth, visitor to the Coca Cola Truck event

Coca-Cola staff came in their woolly Christmas hats handing out free half sized cans of Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke all with a smile to everyone who passed with a lovely ‘happy holidays, have a good day’ bringing many appreciative smiles from most. Who doesn’t love freebies? And to have to stand in the cold for hours at a time handing out cold drinks to complete strangers, I think most could appreciate their hard work.

After walking through the streets of Wrexham at the coca cola event it seemed there was a lot of mixed feelings about the affair.

Some seemed excited to be watching and having the opportunity to be taking pictures of such an iconic truck. One young lady who only wanted to be known as Elizabeth, who I had the pleasure of meeting seemed very excited: “it’s such a lovely Christmas experience, I love watching the advert on television. it’s the ultimate childhood fantasy meeting it in person.”

Others had a different experience. One passer by even suggested that the council could have had more of an input on the event. With such a big event, which is nationwide across the United Kingdom, Wrexham council could have put more things on like a Santa’s grotto for little children or stalls for more adult friendly products like mulled wine and cheese to get the feeling of Christmas spreading within the town.

The shops surrounding the square didn’t seem that much busier than normal. Sipping a lovely hot chocolate from café Nero whilst walking around snapping pictures of the event seemed to be a popular way to keep warm waiting in the queue.

The main attraction seemed to be over in a few minutes after queuing for quite a while to get a picture with the truck for a souvenir.

For many small children, there were a few light up toys being sold which didn’t really fit in with the Christmas theme really but many children around seemed to love them as lots of kids were having fun, enhancing the light hearted and child like atmosphere.

The lovely lights and Christmas message from ‘Santa’ on the side of the truck was a lovely addition to the event, as most children were awing and cheering, making the experience that more better making it more of a Christmas feeling for everyone.

Even as magical as this event seems to be, it didn’t seem to capture the audience of Wrexham’s attention in the way it probably wanted.

The overall experience for most seemed to be a little under whelming. There was nothing else to do apart from taking pictures of the coca cola truck which could have been done in about ten minutes’ maximum.

The atmosphere of the people who came to see the festive truck was a nice cheerful note and gave it a nice start for the Christmas month.

For some, such a new iconic Christmas tradition for many fans, Wrexham town didn’t live up to the desired expectation but who knows, maybe next year will be our year.

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