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The Life of a Blogger: Codie Austin

By Emma Tattum, Egwyl Editor

This week, I got the opportunity to Interview YouTuber and Blogger, Codie Austin about all things, inspirations, goals and advice! 

I went down to the Glyndwr Universities Student Union building to meet Codie Austin, Lifestyle Blogger and member of the Union team.

For people that are new to your channel and your blog, tell us a little bit about it

I like to be people’s friend. I like to be the embarrassing friend that people can laugh at and someone that is honest about things. I guess, I’m a lifestyle blogger that tries to be honest and friendly

When did you start blogging and making your own videos?

I started blogging about 2 years ago just because I enjoyed writing. I never thought of it as a job. I made a video 3 years ago, it was just for uni about the amnesty international society and it got over 2000 views, which in the grand scheme of things, is nothing but, it was my first video and I was like ‘oh my gosh, this is amazing’ and I thought, I have to carry on and now I make them for me because I love watching them back and say “oh, Look at that fun things I did that time”

 How did you first get your blog and your YouTube channel recognised?

With my blog, I joined a lot of groups and people were talking about different things and I was like ‘ooh okay!’ My first PR thing came completely out the blue. They said they’d pay me to review their product and I said “Sorry, what. What does that even mean?” I went off and worked really hard to get it to the best I could and it got to the point where people were contacting me and I was applying for things and now I don’t have to apply for the little things. Now I’m in the position where I can wait for the bigger things. It’s not like I’m a big famous blogger, I’m just like a little girl who has a blog.

Do you take any inspiration from and other bloggers or YouTubers?

Yes, I would love to be like Grace Helbig and Hannah (MyHarto) and Mamrie (Mamriehart) and Jenna (JennaMarbles), I’m never going to be Zoella. She’s lovely but we’re just not the same. Whereas I like to think I’m a little bit more like Jenna. In terms of bloggers, I have a lot of blogger friends where I say, ‘I wish I could write like you’ so, it’s definitely YouTube that I get more inspired by.

Is there anything particular that made you start YouTube and create your blog?

I think I just have a lot to say so, I thought I might as well. I feel like a lot of people get into because they think they’re going to get famous and I don’t think that was a thing at the time so, it was just for me to begin with and when I realised people were reading it and watching my videos and I was like “ooh okay, I’ll make it a thing”

 Where do you get your ideas from to start a blog post or film a video?

There always half formed ideas but I’m always thinking so, I’ll probably write a blog post about this, ‘That time I was interviewed’ so, it’s kind of just everyday life. Sometimes I read magazines or watch TV and think I want to write about this. I get ideas from literally anywhere. I can’t just sit down and think, right, I need ideas. They have to come to me. It’s awkward sometimes.

Is there anything you dislike about YouTube?

Yes! It’s a lot more difficult now to get your videos seen. YouTube doesn’t do the front page, the features and the algorithms don’t necessarily work to the best so, I find that quite difficult and the fact that there’s videos you know that people haven’t put any effort into, they just keep churning out the same nonsense and they get so many views, whereas there are some people that work really hard who have really really good videos but, you know there never going to get seen. It’s a bit unfair sometimes.

Do you prefer filming or editing?

I hate editing because, the way I’m talking now, is the way I film my videos, and it’s absolute nonsense. I always go off a-on tangents, or they’ll be a bit where I can’t get out the words I’m trying to say so, editing it is such a pain. I’d much rather film it and give it to someone else to edit.

Can you define your channel and Blog in just 2 words?

Punny nonsense!

Do you feel the pressure to keep getting more subscribers and readers?

I did, there was a point where I was like ‘I want to get to 1000’, I kept setting myself targets, whereas now, I’d rather have a small audience who comment and who interact and who watch the videos, rather than 1000’s and 1000’s of subscribers and just a few views. I find that I enjoy it a lot more if I’m not hung up on the stats

Do you use social media a lot for promotion?

Yeah, that’s like my other job so, I do a lot of social media. I find it difficult to promote myself because I feel like no-one would want to read it. I’m trying to get over that fear and post more.

Would you ever consider all of this becoming a full time career?

I would love that to be my full time career, I’d love for YouTube to be my job but, I’m really happy with where it is at the moment.

Which do you prefer, Twitter, Facebook or instagram?

I really like instagram at the moment, I’ve tried to up my instagram game, and I love it.

What do you think of YouTubers, that branch of into merchandising and put their channel second?

I get it because you can’t actually make a whole lot of money on YouTube. It’s difficult because all YouTubers are writing books now. Carrie Hope Fletcher has been writing her novel for ages and it’s hard for her because everyone had already done it before her so, I think it’s great to use as a stepping stone for something else but, YouTube is what got you to where your are so, you always have to appreciate that.

What advice would you give to someone that wants to get into YouTube or create a Blog?

Do it and don’t think about it! The first post or the first video was the hardest but, if you just keep thinking about it and never actually do it, it will never happen.

You Can Follow Codie here:

Twitter: @CodieKinz


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