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Stocking fillers, Bridget Jones’s Baby DVD

By Jade Barron, Egwyl editor

It’s been 12 years since we last had a sense of normality on the big screen. Something every woman has had once in their lives related to. Had a ‘that’s totally me’ moment, and laughed out loud at that crazy friend we’ve all come to know and love.

We’ve always been told that most women improve with age. Yeah sure, it’s helped we’ve had such wonderful things like granny pants and cheap rose wine at hand but it’s also helped we’ve had our very own heroine to show us how to do it right on those rare girl’s night in.

That’s right folks, you have heard right. Our very own modern Elizabeth Bennett, Bridget Jones is back and she’s not alone. Not only is she bringing back the dashing, yet slightly ageing Colin firth as Mr Darcy, she’s roping in Grey’s Anatomy’s very own ‘Dr Mc Dreamy’ Patrick Dempsey as Jack Qwant, her very own love guru.

Besides being blessed with two hunky sidekicks she also back with a very new addition (spoiler alert for those who haven’t worked it out) our very own baby jones. But one question is all on our minds…who’s the daddy?

This side splitting comedy will have you crying with laughter, cringing with embarrassment and howling at the sight of Renee Zellweger being carried through a rotating hospital doors. With a special comedic appearance from the great Emma Thompson and special cameo’s from some very unexpected characters, this English stereotypical rom com definitely is worth the wait.

So grab a friend, grab the cheap wine and get ready for a laugh out loud movie that will leave you wanting more.

And what’s even better than that? It’s out on dvd just in time for Christmas!

Girls night in at the ready!

Make sure this film is the first on your Christmas list this year.

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