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Wrexham Glyndwr University students and Calon FM raise £1367 for Children in Need through epic 56-hour radio broadcast


Epic fundraisers: Wrexham Glyndwr University broadcasting, journalism and media communications students Jack Price, Dan Middleton, James Wright and Jamie Davies towards the end of their mammoth show   Photo: Emma Tattum

They’ve only gone and done it! Our intrepid team of Wrexham Glyndwr University students have managed to broadcast on Wrexham’s Calon FM for a whole 56 hours, raising a whopping £1367 for Children in Need. And money is no doubt still coming in. The team were supported by fellow student and Calon FM presenter James Wright, who was with them for the final 19 hours. Also with the gang for much of the broadcast were our Egwyl reporting team Kara Beth Davies and Emma Tattum. Big thanks to them for all of their hard work in supporting this fundraiser with a difference. So, without further ado, let’s find out how the last day of the broadcast went. Words: Kara Beth Davies. Photos: Emma Tattum.

The final 30 minutes have come around like clockwork. Just half an hour stands between Jamie, Jack and Dan in order for them to complete their 56 hour broadcast for Calon FM.

Dan was on the sofa and Jamie was rather taken by the Spacehopper, until they were taken back into the studio to be interviewed by the press. It’s amazing that they still have as much energy as they did when they started at 8am on Wednesday. 

Electric atmosphere

As I wait for them to emerge from the studio, the room has got slightly busier. There are a few people spread around the room and the atmosphere in the foyer is electric. Everyone is excited.

There has been an ever so slight change in the weather. The sun is blocked by some black clouds, but trying ever so hard to break through. 

Several minutes have now passed and the sun is at its brightest. Brighter than it has been for the last three days. The trees are swaying with the light breeze, almost like they are dancing.

Applause fills the room

As the red on air lights stops flashing, the studio door swings open. Jamie, Jack and Dan appear, applause filling the room. They look absolutely exhausted, but, at the same time, so relieved.  A wave of emotion and pride has swept the room.

The sun has now disappeared as nightfall approaches. It is a complete contrast from outside to inside. The bright lights are shining down from the ceiling. Ironically, the brightest of the lights do seem to be inside the studio.  

We have now entered the last five minutes, but it has somehow seemed longer than the whole 56 hours put together.

Finally, they have now come out of the studio to a wave of applause. They’ve done it! “I feel great now that we’ve finished,” shouts Jamie.

Team spirit

After the show finishes, one of Calon FM’s two staton editors, Katherine Wade says: “We’re so proud of Jack, Dan and Jamie and what they’ve achieved. They’ve shown real determination and team spirit, supporting each other throughout the whole show. The atmosphere in the studio has been fantastic, even in the early hours of the morning! To go from doing a two hour weekly show, to broadcasting for 56 hours non stop is a real feat of broadcasting” 

Fifty six hours have passed between Wednesday morning – 56 hours of music, games and chatter. It has now come to an end. All those hours of sleep deprivation has got the team to £1,367.34 for Children in Need. 

Kara Beth Davies


Team Egwyl: From left, Egwyl staff Amy Jones, Kara Beth Davies and Emma Tattum cover the 56 hour broadcast

And here’s some more from Kara Beth Davies on what the gang got up to earlier on today.

It’s the final day. Just seven hours remain until the Calon FM marathon broadcasts comes to an end. The finish line is in sight. The clock has just struck 9am, it’s a beautiful morning and the sun is out for the final day of the broadcastathon. 
At the moment they are all discussing their favourite television shows. At this point, with seven hours to go, you’d think they’d be sounding tired. Their voices are filling the room, echoing around the rather quiet foyer. I expect it is going to get busier and busier as the day progresses.
All the microphones and sound equipment have been cleared away from last night’s performances, the games have been tidied and the space hoppers are neatly uniformed in the corner of the room, they too are sensing the end of this amazing event.
As Jamie was telling me yesterday, the group had set themselves a new target of £1,200 after they had exceeded their own expectations and broke several of their set targets. Earlier this morning, the broadcastathon bunch had broken yet another target, the total now stands at £1,280.34. 
Jack has just finished up in the studio and I have joined him for a very quick chat on the sofa before he goes back on air. He is looking surprisingly awake. He says: “To beat our target is an incredible achievement. We’re all really proud, everybody here has worked so hard.”
As I finish speaking to Jack, he walks back over to the studio to complete his shift on air. It’s impressive to see how much energy the team still have, they are probably going to save their best for the final hour.

This exhausting marathon is almost coming to a close, one last final push to get more donations for Children in Need. “It’s the final countdown,” as Europe once said.

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