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Progress Report: 56 hour Children in Need broadcast on Calon FM – Day Two


Day two and a spot of hysteria kicks in: Jamie falls off his Spacehopper after a futile attempt to revive his flagging energy levels     Photo: Emma Tattum 

Egwyl’s intrepid Children in Need ‘broadcastathon’ reporting team Kara Davies and Emma Tattum continue their coverage on day two of this epic fundraiser. How are Jamie, Dan and Jack faring? Will the team still be able to string a sentence together, never mind manage another 24 odd hours of broadcasting live on Calon FM, after getting this far? Let’s find out. Words by Kara Davies and photos by Emma Tattum.

It is 3pm on Thursday November 17. Day two, 31 hours in, just 25 more to go.

I am currently outside of studio one, slightly windswept from the weather outside, and the atmosphere is very calm and relaxed. It’s calmer in and around the studio than it is outside. This is exactly what I expected. Everyone is tired, the energy is a lot lower than this time yesterday.

Similar to the the previous day, the sun is shining through windows. It’s slightly dazzling, in fact, much stronger than yesterday, although it is refreshing. It seems to be giving the team a very tiny lease of life.

“The last hour or two, we’ve hit the wall, it’s the most challenging part now, the whole point now is to keep going.”

Sprawled on the sofa

Jamie is sprawled out on one of the sofas, although he’s not as disorientated as he was when I saw earlier this morning. He calls out: “I’m on sofa arrest.” The rest of the group are in the studio with their guests. From what I can hear, it’s like they haven’t been on air for 31 hours, which is very impressive.

There are more games littered around the foyer, the cakes and biscuits are back too (which I am slightly distracted by) and the donation boxes are looking full.

Jamie is now off his ‘sofa arrest’ and he says: “The last hour or two, we’ve hit the wall, it’s the most challenging part now, the whole point now is to keep going.”

Smashed the target

I ask Jamie how much money they have raised so far. He says, very proudly: “We’ve raised just over £1,100. We smashed the targets we set ourselves. We’re just over £100 off our new target of £1,200, which I’m confident we’ll get.”

Before Jamie leaves me to retake his position in the studio, he offered me a great piece of advice: “Do not just go to sleep for 40 minutes if you’re going to stay up for many more hours, your body is telling you to not bother. It’s just a bad idea.”

Jamie has now, very slowly, made his way back to the studio to continue with the rest of the 56 hour broadcast, but took a detour on a space hopper and he has fallen off it!

Tomorrow is the last day. It’s the last push to raise as much money for Children in Need as possible. They are heading into their final night shift. One day to go.
Kara Beth Davies

Photo: Emma Tattum  


Epic fundraiser: Jack, Dan and Jamie at the start of day two       Photo: Angela Ferguson


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