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Hawkwind Review

I recently went to the William Aston Hall to see the Space Rock band, Hawkwind perform as part of their current tour ‘The Machine Stops’. It was certainly a performance that was out of this world.

In the foyer whilst waiting to go in there were plenty of fans wearing the bands t-shirts with various different album covers on and there was a stall in the corner selling the latest album and tour t-shirts. People of all ages had come together to watch the spectacle and there was a sense of excitement in the air as we waited for the show to begin.

As the band nonchalantly walked out onto the stage to much cheering and clapping they looked very unsuspecting. Dave Brock, the longest standing member and force behind Hawkwind is now in his 70s but still rocking with the best of them. An air of expectancy hung in the air as they donned their instruments and then, all of a sudden this sonic blast of sound crashed out over the audience and filled every space. You could feel the sound reverberating throughout your whole body and it felt like we were in a spaceship that was about to take off. The hall filled with a cacophony of strange and wonderful sounds. Hawkwind certainly doesn’t do anything in half measures.

All throughout the concert there were psychedelic patterns projected onto the stage which really added to the space age, other worldly feel of the performance. There was plenty of head nodding and foot tapping happening amongst the audience and there was a nice atmosphere as everyone enjoyed themselves and listened to the music.

Most of the songs were from their new album ‘The Machine Stops’ and they also played some of their well known old songs too which had everyone singing along. Before long there was quite a group of people who had abandoned their seats to congregate in the aisle right in front of the stage where they were dancing and singing along in the true spirit of Hawkwind. By the end of the show everyone was on their feet joining in and when the last song had been sung we all cheered out for more. They came back onstage and sang a few more songs for us, finishing with what is probably their most well known song – ‘Silver Machine’. That was when the room really took off; the entire audience was on their feet, clapping, cheering, dancing and singing along. It was a great feeling and a brilliant night.

Afterwards, my ears were ringing and I was half deaf but we all left very satisfied after feeling like we truly had just been on a journey through time and space.


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