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Russell Kane at the William Aston Hall – A Review

Recently I went to see Russell Kane perform stand-up at the William Aston Hall as part of his ‘Right Man, Wrong Age’ tour.

As someone who has never seen Russell Kane perform stand-up before I really enjoyed the show. The first half focused on growing up and how different types of people react in certain situations while, after the interval the second half of the show focused on him becoming a parent and the different obstacles this has thrown at him.

You may think that this sounds like something only older generations and people who are already parents would be interested in, but it was far from that. Russell used observational comedy and his unique personality to make the show and his topics of conversation relatable and funny to everyone. With his characteristic over-the-top movements around the stage it made for a very funny and high energy show that people of all ages could enjoy.

As for the venue itself, the William Aston Hall was the perfect place to watch the show. Neither too big nor too small it created a nice friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy the night’s entertainment – and with a bar on site too what more could you want?

The William Aston Hall hosts many other shows throughout the year and with a great variety to choose from there’s something for everyone.

Find out more about what’s on in the William Aston Hall here –

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