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Running Out Of Time

It’s sometimes hard to find the best time to workout. Sure, you’ve got the gym gear and the running trainers but now what? When do I do it? Is morning, afternoon or evening better?

My answer is simple – whenever works for you, actually.

Personally, I find it easier to run in the morning, before breakfast. That way, I don’t have to hang about waiting for any food to digest and I find it wakes me up so I’m not groggily dragging myself to my morning lectures only to properly wake up half way through.

If I need to be out the door earlier, I just make sure I wake up earlier so I can fit my run in. I also appreciate the feeling of ‘phew, that’s out the way – now to start my actual day’. I can no longer trick myself into believing that I will workout later – once I have my jeans on, there’s a 99% chance that I won’t swap them for running leggings at any point during the remainder of the day.

So I do know sometimes it is difficult to be disciplined with yourself; at university I have a routine: run, shower, breakfast. At home, on the other hand, it all falls to pieces. It looks more like: maybe getting up when my alarm goes off, probably having breakfast in bed with momma Hookings, most likely spending the day strolling around my local market.

Thankfully, I have sisters who save me from myself. Part of their daily routine is a spinning class after work and when I am home, I squeeze myself into that routine. Now, I am expected to swap my jeans for my leggings and that is the motivation that I need to haul my butt to the gym at the end of the day.

I can’t specifically say that any time of the day is the best to workout. Each person is different, has different routines and different priorities. All I can do is advise that you find a routine that works for you – maybe it means that you run on Monday mornings but go to the gym on Tuesday afternoons. If, like me, you sometimes need sisters to kick you into gear, then phone a friend, text your brother or ask someone at your gym.


by Molly Hookings – co-editor for Health & Lifestyle

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