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Tracy North Interview, Creative Futures Week


Tracy North, chief PR consultant and 3rd Generation Journalist was the first talk for the final day of Creative Futures this year (outside the keynote address of course).

Offering up case studies from her own career as examples, Tracy clearly knows what it takes to grow in the business. Having worked with clients like Jones Bros. in Ruthin among many others, Tracy and her company outwrite have worked hard to make a positive impact for local companies looking to expand their reach.

A lovely chat with her afterwards also gave us an insight into what being a 3rd Generation Journalist can mean for your career. Can the name bring an advantage to your career, opening doors early and the likes? Or would it serve as a disadvantage; having to constantly live in somebody else’s shadow purely because you’re related to them?

Apparently, it’s had a mixture of the two. Yes, the upbringing has helped her understand the world before ever applying for a job there and yes the name has brought her a few clients and early experiences. But in contrast to that, with having a journalist mother, she saw it as “not being a real job”. Not to say that it isn’t a real job though, but it’s something your mum did – not something you necessarily want to do.

Admittedly, she’s had some fun with it though including most recently coming to a university in North Wales to give a speech on PR at a Creative industries event. Not sure what that might have been though.

James Wright, Broadcast Journalism and Media Communications Student


Featured Image – Jack Moreh,

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