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Deadpool, vulgar, violent and totally AWESOME!


What exactly does an avocado, which has had sex with an older more disgusting avocado look like? That’s right it’s time to talk about Deadpool.

The merc with a mouth hasn’t exactly been treated well in  films of the past, we were first introduced to Wade Wilson portrayed on screen by Ryan Reynolds in 2009s’ X-men origins: Wolverine, an incredibly lacklustre film which introduced the character and then proceeded to abandon every facet of his character besides his name.

Now this film was such a let down that for a long time it looked as though we were never going to get the Deadpool spin-off which we had been teased with, or that if we did it would be a massively neutered more audience friendly version.

Well here we are 7 years later and it’s finally here, an R-rated, mass violence, fourth wall breaking triumph of a movie.

I honestly am hard pressed to re-call a single thing about this film that bothered me or that I felt could have been done better.

Quite simply it’s all there and it all hits right on the bulls eye. Ryan Reynolds returns to the character and to superhero movies as a whole (even throwing in some tongue in cheek references to origins and the equally dismal Green Lantern flick) and here with have a performer who not so much portrays a character as he does bring it to life.

Every joke had the theatre howling with laughter each time i’ve been to see it (twice and my girlfriend’s seen it 3 times so ladies don’t be put off but please don’t try to make us wear the masks it scares us) and it’s due to equal parts brilliant script and brilliant timing and delivery from Reynolds

It’s really hard to analyse this performance and give a clear answer as to why it’s so good, but as soon as you see him on screen and hear the first line of his delivery you know you’re watching something special.

The film also has a strong supporting cast Morena Baccarin serves well as the love interest, displaying great on screen chemistry with Reynolds and a vast departure from the archetype damsel in distress, whilst Ed Skrein not only brings threat but a sense of frustration with the heros’ antics as primary antagonist Ajax. It truly is a joy to see his annoyance at the fact that no matter what he says or does our hero refuses to take him (or anything else for that matter) seriously. Also watch out for a great comic relief performance from TJ Miller, star of the brilliant Silicon Valley (beginning its third season this year mark the date!).

The films’ look is also spot on, dark, and gritty with a great contrast to the exuberant personality of Reynolds’ Deadpool.

Now as hard as I found it some people have pointed out what they see as flaws with this film (FYI they’re wrong) annoyingly one of the main critiques which I keep seeing online is that this film makes a sequel difficult. Now this is a bit of a lame complaint on two counts, first Deadpool has a universe of stories going back decades, they even announced the sequel after the main credits for those of you who still don’t understand how Marvel movies work.

More than anything though is even if this film wasn’t open for a sequel, so what?

Too much emphasis with comic book movies is put onto making them into franchises rather than making the best film they could, would you really lament having to live in a world where Thor Dark World didn’t exist?

In closing all I can really say about this film is to reiterate that if you haven’t seen it yet you should, it’s really a film where the big action set pieces have to be experienced on the big screen.

All in all my favourite film of this young year 2016 so far.


By Kyle Sutherland, Entertainment Editor

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