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Jack Perrett Gig – Riverside Tavern Newport 27th November 2015


by Sam Cobbold

I first met Jack Perrett and his friends at Reading festival 2015 at the camping area we were staying at. Like any other festival, it is very easy to make new friends and meet new people. I think that’s why festivals are unique and makes the whole experience extra special. I first heard Jack perform whist at reading festival, we had gathered around all our tents and Jack had got his guitar out and started playing cover songs of many bands and artists. As soon as he started singing and playing I straight away saw his resemblance and similar style to Jake bugg. His voice itself has a very attractable indie alternative sound which makes you wanting to him over and over again.

On the 27th of November I was very fortunate to watch Jack perform at the riverside tavern in Newport South Wales. The venue itself was a good size and felt very cosy and welcoming and it felt like a social club which gave it a nice local feel. Jack arrived at around 19.30 for a sound check and started performing at around 21.00. Jacks voice is very similar the Gallagher brothers from Oasis and I could see straight away that he was very much influenced by them because of his song choices. Jack started off with Oasis big hits which include what’s the “Story Morning Glory”, “Supersonic”, “Roll with it” and “live forever”. Also within the performance he played many songs from his other influences such as Kasabian and Jake bugg. His unique style professional sounding voice made the whole listen experience very much enjoyable. As an unsigned artist, at the moment he hasn’t many followers and fans but the crowed during the gig were very supportive and they all seemed like they enjoyed the performance. At the venue there was around between fifty and one hundred people there as it is a small venue. Jack also performed his new current single called “What you saying”. The song itself has a upbeat temp and sounds very much like a Jake Bugg track. The recorded version of the song has backing vocals and a very nice electric guitar riff in the background of the song as well as Jacks unique voice and his own rhythm guitar piece within the song. The performance was a very enjoyable one as it felt exciting, enjoyable within a local warm, cosy and friendly venue. If you are interested in new artists or you already enjoy the music from Oasis, Jake Bugg or Kasabian I would 100% recommend giving Jack Perrett a listen. You can find his music at Jack Perrett on


Header Photo courtesy of and copyright Free Range Stock, Photographer Marko M?kinen

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